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The SNU Senate deliberates on important policies concerning the operation and development of the University.

The 14th Senate Memebership

• Name : 
• The Senate consists of 50 Senators (45 faculty members and 5 staff members), as of October 24, 2019
Name Colleges and Schools Department
Lee, Cheol-Soo (Chair) College of Law Law
Lee, Ilha College of Natural Sciences Biological Sciences
Kang, Chang-Uh College of Humanities German Language and Literature
Ryu, Keun-Kwan College of Social Sciences Economics
Rhee, June Woong College of Social Sciences 언론정보학과
Lim, Haeran College of Social Sciences 정치외교학부
Kahng, Byung-Nam College of Natural Sciences Physics and Astronomy
Park, Won-Woo College of Business Administration Business Administration
Hong, SungGul College of Engineering Architecture & Architectural Engineering
Shin, Kwang Seon College of Engineering Material Science and Engineering
Kim, Chong Kwon College of Engineering 컴퓨터공학부
Lee, Hak Lae College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Forest Sciences
Yang, Tae-Jin College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Plant Science
Yoon, Dong-Chun College of Fine Arts 서양화과
Hong, Hun-Gi College of Education 화학교육과
Kim, Jin-Woong College of Pharmacy Pharmacy
Park, Jeong-Hill College of Pharmacy Pharmacy
Kim, Young-Yul College of Music Instrumental Music
Choi, Min-Ho College of Medicine Department of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine
Bahk, Jae-Hyon College of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology
Han, Kyung-Koo College of Liberal Studies Liberal Studies
Cho, Sung IL Graduate School of Public Health Health Science and Services
Min, Byung-Moo School of Dentistry Oral Biochemistry
Youn Sang Kim Graduate School of Convergence Science & Technology Convergence Science & Technology
Jung, Dae-Hyun Office of International Affairs Staff
Son, ByeongGueon Institute of Envrionmental Protection & Safety Institute of Environmental Protection & Safety
H.H.J College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine
L.Y.J. College of Business Administration Business Administration
K.S.J. College of Medicine Medicine
Kim, Mihyang Seoul National University Library Staff
Kim, Hyuncheol Graduate School of International Studies International Studies
Y.K.S. College of Music Korean Music
L.J.B. College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 농경제사회학부
K.H.J. College of Law Law
Park, Jong-Suk Bureau of General Administration Division of Human Resources
Lee, Yong-mu School of Dentistry 치의학과(치주과학교실)
Ryu, Deok-Yeong College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine
H.J.S. College of Humanities 서양사학과
W.Y.J College of Education Education
K.B.M College of Natural Sciences Chemistry
C.S.K. College of Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering
L.I.S. College of Natural Sciences Earth and Environmental Sciences
K.J.H College of Nursing Nursing
Lee, Dong-su Graduate School of Environmental Studies Environmental Planning
Kwon, Hoon-Jung College of Human Ecology Food and Nutrition
C.S.H College of Medicine 의학과
N.Y.I College of Education 체육교육과
K.S.B College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Agricultural Biotechnology
Kim, DongWook Graduate School of Public Administration Public Administration
Lee, Kang-Jae College of Humanities 중어중문학과