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The SNU Senate deliberates on important policies concerning the operation and development of the University.

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Seoul National University Senate!

The purpose of the Seoul National University Senate is to deliberate on important policies of the University according to its Bylaws. The SNU Senate is comprised of 50 Senators: 46 faculty Senators are elected by the faculty members of each College, and 4 staff Senators are elected by the University staff.

The SNU Senate has been committed to promoting the autonomy and public standing of the University. Since the incorporation of the University in 2011, the Senate has been trying to strengthen its role in making the University much more open, transparent, and democratic, taking into account the divided opinions of our academic community concerning the controversial incorporation.
All the Senators of the SNU Senate are devoted to the improvement of the quality of education and research, as well as to the empowerment and welfare of students, professors, and staff members.

We are ready to hear your opinion on any agenda concerning the University, and to do whatever we can to pave the way for the bright future of the University.


Kim, Hyeong-Joon
Chair, the Seoul National University Senate