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The SNU Senate deliberates on important policies concerning the operation and development of the University.

The 14th Senate Memebership

• Name : 
• The Senate consists of 50 Senators (45 faculty members and 5 staff members), as of September 17, 2021
Name Colleges and Schools Department
Lee, Cheol-Soo (Chair) College of Law Law
K.B.M (Vice Chair) College of Natural Sciences Chemistry
Hong, SungGul College of Engineering Architecture & Architectural Engineering
Bahk, Jae-Hyon College of Medicine Department of Anesthesiology
Park, Jong-Suk Bureau of General Administration Division of Human Resources
Kim, Nayoung College of Medicine Internal Medicine
Park, Keong-Suk College of Social Sciences Sociology
J. Y. Choi College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 조경·지역시스템공학부
Jung, Seon-ju College of Law Law
Ryu, Young-Min Bureau of General Administration Division of Human Resources
Mook, Inhee College of Medicine 의과학과(생화학교실)
Lee, Yong-duk College of Fine Arts Sculpture
Hwang, Keum-taek College of Human Ecology Food and Nutrition
B. H. Lee College of Pharmacy Pharmacy
Kang, Heon-joong College of Natural Sciences Earth and Environmental Sciences
Lee, Bong Jin College of Pharmacy Manufacturing Pharmacy
Jeon, WhaSook College of Engineering 전기·컴퓨터공학부
Kim, Yeong-jun 실험동물자원관리원 실험동물자원관리원
Kim, Hyuncheol Graduate School of International Studies International Studies
Lee, Seong Heon College of Humanities 불어불문학과
Ryu, Deok-Yeong College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine
Lim, Cheol-il College of Education Education
Chu, WuJin College of Business Administration Business Administration
Kim Seong-Cheol College of Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering
Lee, Haewan College of Humanities 미학과
Kwon, Seok-Man College of Social Sciences 심리학과
전상직 College of Music 작곡과
Kim, Dae-yong College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine
Choi, Mi-Soon Seoul National University Library Staff
B. N. Kim College of Fine Arts 미술대학
Kim, Sung-jae College of Nursing Nursing
Kim, Byung-Yeon College of Social Sciences Economics
Do-soon, Kim College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Plant Science
Cho, Hae-suk College of Humanities Korean Language and Literature
Lee, Kyung-Hwa College of Education 수학교육과
Lee, Je-ho College of Business Administration Business Administration
Kim, DongWook Graduate School of Public Administration Public Administration
Jongsang, Sung Graduate School of Environmental Studies 환경조경학과
K.S.J. College of Medicine Medicine
Lee, Zang-Hee School of Dentistry 치의과학과(구강조직-발생생물학교실)
Choi, Eu-chang College of Education 체육교육과
Cho, SungZoon College of Engineering 산업공학과
Jang, Hyungjun College of Music Instrumental Music
Chang-young, Kim College of Natural Sciences Physics and Astronomy
Lee, Chang-Kyu College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Agricultural Biotechnology
Seong-Kyun Kim School of Dentistry 치의학과(치과보철학교실)
Lee, Joong-Sik Graduate School of Convergence Science & Technology Convergence Science & Technology
Lee, Tae-jin Graduate School of Public Health Health Science and Services
Jang, Dayk College of Liberal Studies Liberal Studies
Lee, Ji-young College of Natural Sciences Biological Sciences