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The SNU Senate deliberates on important policies concerning the operation and development of the University.

The 14th Senate Memebership

• Name : 
• The Senate consists of 50 Senators (45 faculty members and 4 staff members), as of March 1, 2024
Name Colleges and Schools Department
Kim Seong-Cheol (Chair) College of Engineering Electrical and Computer Engineering
Do-soon, Kim (Vice Chair) College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Plant Science
KIM Dong-Il College of Education Education
LEE Woo Young College of Law Law
Kim Weol-Hoi College of Humanities 중어중문학과
이옥연 College of Social Sciences 정치외교학부
CHOI, HEE-JUNG College of Natural Sciences Biological Sciences
Tak, Sunghee H College of Nursing Nursing
Sohyun Park College of Engineering Architecture & Architectural Engineering
Yong Ro Kim College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 바이오시스템·소재학부
Lee, Inhyung College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine
Oh, Hee Sook College of Music 음악학과
Son, HwanCheol College of Medicine 의학과
Yang, Il Mo College of Liberal Studies Liberal Studies
전상직 College of Music 작곡과
KIM Jongil College of Medicine Medicine
An Jee-Hyun College of Humanities 영어영문학과
CHOI Choong Hyun College of Social Sciences College of social science
Jeong, Hae-Jin College of Natural Sciences Earth and Environmental Sciences
SEOG, S. HUN College of Business Administration Business Administration
Yoon, Je Yong College of Engineering 화학생물공학부
Yun Chul Hee College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 농생명과학부
OH, Sun-Young College of Education 영어교육과
Ha, Jisoo College of Human Ecology Clothing and Textiles
Hyeung-geun Park College of Pharmacy Manufacturing Pharmacy
Jeong-Hwa Baek School of Dentistry 치의학과(치괴약리학교실)
Jeong, Jong-Ho Graduate School of International Studies International Studies
Park, Sue Kyung College of Medicine 의학과(예방의학교실)
Young Sik Kim College of Social Sciences Economics
Shin, Seokmin College of Natural Sciences Chemistry
NAM, ICKHYUN College of Business Administration Business Administration
Sang Im Yoo College of Engineering Material Science and Engineering
김준기 Graduate School of Public Administration Public Administration
이효원 College of Law Law
이형기 Graduate School of Convergence Science & Technology 분자의학및바이오제약학과
Lee, Eun-Sook 서울대학교노동조합 서울대학교노동조합
Hong, Jong Ho Graduate School of Environmental Studies Environmental Planning
박기영 재정전략실 예산성과평가팀
Kim, Nayoung College of Medicine Internal Medicine
Song Wook College of Education 체육교육과
신혜경 College of Humanities 미학과
Kim, Hye-Lan College of Social Sciences Social Welfare
Jeon, Heonsu College of Natural Sciences Physics and Astronomy
Moon, Joo College of Fine Arts Sculpture
Lee, SoYeong College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine
B. H. Lee College of Pharmacy Pharmacy
Kiyoung Lee Graduate School of Public Health Environmental Health
Myoung Hoon School of Dentistry 치의학과(구강해부학교실)
유진아 Office of Student Affairs 장학복지과