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The SNU Senate deliberates on important policies concerning the operation and development of the University.

Senate Role

Deliberation & Making Decisions

The SNU Senate deliberates on matters concerning:

① Long-term plans for the operation and development of the University;
② The personnel policy on the basis of the education law and the Bylaws of the University;
③ The basic plans for education and research in general;
④ The establishment and abolition of departments, colleges, graduate schools as well as major research institutes;
⑤ The amendments of the Bylaws of the University related to the welfare of the faculty and staff members;
⑥ The establishment, amendment and abolition of important rules and regulations of the University;
⑦ The welfare of faculty and staff members;
⑧ What the President of the University, the Chair of the Board of Directors, or the Chair of the Senate as well as the at least one fourth of the Senators requests to be deliberated.

The SNU Senate shall also deliberate on the following matters if the Board of Directors requests:

① Concerning the admissions policies (the total number of students to be admitted);
② Concerning the admissions policies (the adjustment of the units for admissions);
③ Concerning the integration and separation of majors;
④ Concerning the establishment and abolition of the academic programs;
⑤ Concerning the reorganization of the educational curriculum.

Policy Researches & Proposals

The SNU Senate is to conduct policy researches, and, on the basis of such researches, make proposals to the President or to the university administration concerning any important agenda for the University. The President or the university administration can also request the Senate to make proposals for any important agenda.