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The SNU Senate deliberates on important policies concerning the operation and development of the University.


The SNU Senate is composed of fifty members who represent the faculty and staff. The Chair, the Vice Chair, and the Secretary will be the members of the Steering Committee with a few Senators appointed by the Chair. It also has four Standing Committees: the Committee of Education; the Committee of Research; the Committee of Planning and Finance; and the Committee of Environment, Culture, and Welfare. A faculty Senator is elected by the direct voting of the faculty of each college, and a staff Senator is elected by the election committee of the staff. The term of office of a Senator is two years, and a Senator can be reelected. A graduate student representative and an undergraduate student representative are entitled to attend the Senate as observers.

The Current Composition of the Senate

Method of ElectionClassificationApportioned Number
Elected by the faculty council Faculty 44
Appointed by the chair Faculty and/or Staff 2
Elected by the staff council Staff 4
Total   50
※ One undergraduate student representative and one graduate student representative shall join the Senate as observers.

The Number of Senators Apportioned to the Colleges and Schools

The number of Senators to apportioned according to the following rules: one Senate member for 15 to 35 tenure-track position professors; two Senate members for 36 to 99; three Senate members for 100 to 199; four Senate members for more than 200.

Colleges and SchoolsCriterion for apportionThe number of Senators
(as of Dec., 2015)
Current number of professors
(Aug. 2011)
Apportioned number of Senators
College of Humanities 179 3 3
College of Social Sciences 131 3 3
College of Natural Sciences 227 4 4
College of Nursing 22 1 1
College of Business Administration 47 2 2
College of Engineering 309 4 4
College of Agriculture & Life Sciences 124 3 3
College of Fine Arts 33 1 1
College of Education 116 3 3
College of Human Ecology 29 1 1
College of Veterinary Medicine 38 2 2
College of Pharmacy 37 2 2
College of Music 42 2 2
College of Medicine 273 4 4
College of Liberal Studies 7 1 1
Graduate School of Public Health 24 1 1
Graduate School of Public Administration 27 1 1
Graduate School of Environmental Studies 23 1 1
Graduate School of International Studies 19 1 1
School of Dentistry 94 2 2
College of Law 54 2 2
Graduate School of Convergence Science &Technology 26 1 1
Total 1,881 45 45