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The SNU Senate deliberates on important policies concerning the operation and development of the University.

Diagram of Policy Deliberation

Policy deliberation proceeds as follows.

Request for deliberation
  • Submission of deliberation agenda from University Headquarters
  • Proposal of deliberation agenda by University Senate
  • Deliberation must be requested by the President, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees, or at least a quarter of the sitting members of the University Senate.
    (on matters that are determined crucial for the management of the university)
Submission of report to the Office of the University Senate
Chairperson and passing it on to the standing Committee
  • Decision on whether to put the agenda to the University senate
  • Allocation of the deliberation agenda by the standing committees
  • Main deliberation agenda proposed according to the Senate Regulation Article 2 Section 1(8)
Deliberation by standing committees
  • University Senate Standing Committees :
    Committee of Education, Committee of Research, Committee of Planning and Finance, Committee of Environment, Culture, and Welfare Committee.
  • Order of events :
    Opening → Remarks from the Chair → Report on the minutes from the previous meeting → Explanation of proposal → Q&A and discussion → Deliberation → Announcement of the date of the plenary session → Closing
Plenary Session Deliberation
  • Order of events :
    Declaration of opening → Remarks from the Chairperson → Introduction of observers → Report on the minutes from the previous meeting → Report on the results of the Managing Committee → Explanation of proposal → Report on standing committees meeting results → Q&A and discussion → Deliberation and voting → Announcement of date for next session → Declaration of closing
Notification of Session Results
  • Notification of University Senate Plenary session results to relevant division at University Headquarters
  • Notification of plenary session results to faculty through university email system
  • Posting of session results on University Senate website
  • Members of the University Senate may report the major decisions of the plenary session to the faculty organization of their affiliated colleges.